Membership and Outreach


The Division of Membership and Outreach

Division Vice President, Dwight D. Hunter

Bylaws, Membership, Diversity, Outreach

Division Announcements

October 15 - Early Bird Membership Report Deadline (units in councils follow your Council membership deadlines)

"Members Matter!"
Changes in 2015-16 membership forms and reporting dates!

Five report forms - four with reporting deadlines and one to use for additional members.

Early Bird Membership Report (deadline October 15, 2015)
REQUIRED Membership Report
(deadline December 1, 2015)
Membership Award Report
(deadline March 1, 2016)
Final Membership Report (deadline May 15, 2016)

Council October 2015 Membership Form

Bylaws Handbook  The local unit recommended bylaws are current to July 2012 revisions.

Division of Membership and Outreach
This division has the following committees and chairmen: Bylaws, Diversity and Inclusion, Membership and the Region Directors.

Chartered local and council PTA units must have their bylaws revised every five years.

Want to charter a PTA unit? Contact
Dwight Hunter or the state office at
615-383-9740 . Read more about chartering a PTA unit under the  About page.

Forms for recommended bylaws are on the
Bylaws page.

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